What is Potato Dextrin ?

Potato Dextrin is a special starch made from potatos. We make the Potato Dextrin quilts from fabric that we make here in our studio. It is the making of the fabric which employs the dextrin.

The dextrin acts like a resist or mask when used on fabric. When first mixed, the hot dextrin is like sticky pancake batter, this mixture is applied to the BLACK fabric.

As the dextrin cools it cracks making great patterns. A discharge agent is applied through the cracks, stripping away the black color. The dextrin acts as a mask protecting the areas of fabric that it does cover, stopping the discharge agent from touching those areas.

We create special patterning and textures on the fabric, then we work out the quilt's design on our design wall.

This fabric is not something that we sell by the yard. We make this special fabric only for our own art quilts.

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