M & D Traditional Clothes
Painting of Michael & Debra in Traditional Javanese clothes


Lunn Fabrics is owned by Debra Lunn and Michael Mrowka, who for the past 28
years have also been partners in life, art, and fabric design.  

We have had many incarnations as Lunn Fabrics, from hand-dyers, to trade show
vendors, to shop owners, to one of the first quilting stores online, to designers of
innovative print lines and 1000’s of batik designs in 10,000’s of colors, and creators of
fine art quilts.  

Through it all, we have always been committed to providing quilt artists with choices
that were not available elsewhere in the marketplace by producing one-of-a-kind
hand-dyed, hand-painted, airbrushed, hand stamped and screen printed fabrics. 
More recently our focus has been on producing innovative batiks and hand paints.  

Artisan Batiks, Patina Handpaints and Prisma Dyes. which are designed by Debra
and Michael; produced by Robert Kaufman Co. and manufactured in our “Green and Fair”
factory in Solo, Java, Indonesia.   

To protect the health of our batik workers and improve the quality of their lives, our
factory has:
1. State-of-the-art water treatment; 
2. Appropriate masks, gloves and boots when working with chemicals dyes and wax; 
3. Health care for the employee and immediate family; 
4. Free lunch daily, freshly cooked in the factory; 
5. Extra month’s bonus pay each year; 
6. Maternity leave for women; 
7. An incentive bonus for productivity and good quality.  


To thank the batik workers and the people of Indonesia for sharing their wonderful
tradition with the quilting world, Michael and Debra created Ganesa Study Center,
a very popular non-profit free-lending library in Central Java, Indonesia. 
We donate 5% of all sales at online and in our Lunn Fabrics store in Lancaster, Ohio
go to support Ganesa Library in Solo, Java, Indonesia.

In addition, we have an assortment of very special one-of-a-kind batiks and
handdyes, created by Debra Lunn and Michael Mrowka, either in their studio in
Indonesia or in their dyeworks in Ohio.  


Our offering also includes copper caps used to make batiks, with both traditional
designs and contemporary Artisan Batik designs; Art Quilts by Debra and Michael;
and Sample Quilts produced for promoting commercial lines of fabric.




Debra Lunn has been making quilts since 1963.  While in graduate school in textile
design in 1976 at the University of Minnesota, she began hand-dyeing fabrics for
use in her own quilts. Debra's quilt, Counterpoint, was the first and only piece in
Quilt National '79 (the first exhibition) that was made of hand-dyed fabrics.  

In 1988, Debra started hand-dyeing fabrics in gradations to sell to other quilt
makers, traveling to Quilt Shows across the US as a vendor.  


In 1991, Debra met Michael Mrowka, and they joined together in the endeavor of
Lunn Fabrics (and also as personal mates). They have been collaborating ever since.
Working together, they expanded Lunn Fabrics, Ltd. to produce fabrics that were
hand-dyed, hand-painted, airbrushed, hand-stamped, and screen printed with a
focus on making special and one-of-a-kind quilting fabrics for quilters.  Michael, a
sculptor, painter and a journeyman in the printing industry for 20 years, streamlined
production and invented new techniques.  Over the years they have expanded their
repertoire of techniques to include tie-dye/mandala folding resists, potato dextrin
resist, and batik wax resist.

In 1994, Debra and Michael began designing fabric for Robert Kaufman Company.
They created innovative lines of fabric for commercial production, which include
Pointillist Palette, Natural Creations, Vibrations, Prima Materia, Photo Real Clouds,
DYE IT! and Precious Metals.  They also designed the colors for Robert Kaufman’s
first major expansion of the KONA color solid fabrics to 100 fabrics.  

In 1996, Debra was hurt in a head-on collision with a drunk driver in Paducah
Kentucky, so in October 1998 Debra and Michael quit designing for Robert
Kaufman to focus on their "one of a kind fabrics" and collaborating on a series of
whole cloth and pieced art quilts which are constructed from the best of their one
of a kind fabrics; but mostly to focus on healing Debra’s significant brain injury.   

In September 2004, we returned to working with Robert Kaufman and are in
charge of their Batik division called "ARTISAN BATIKS & PATINA HANDPAINTS".
We spend 2-3 months per year in Java managing and designing the ARTISAN
BATIKS Line for Robert Kaufman. We have only begun to push the envelope as far
as what is possible with batiks in our private studio in Central Java.  
Debra and Michael’s personal art quilts which feature fabrics that are designed
and/or produced at Lunn Fabrics have continued to be included in national and
international juried and invitational exhibitions.